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Please note Das Avatar Odissi Dance Perfomance occurred in past.

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Das Avatar Odissi Dance Perfomance

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Das Avatar Odissi Dance Perfomance by Raaga Inc in Fort Myers

Admission : $25 - $50

Buy tickets online at raagafl.org or bbmannpah.com

Das Avatar, the literal translation ten incarnations. Through enchanting music leaning on folk and classical forms from the 11th century AD, and colorful costumes the story comes to life. As the epic battle of good vs evil rages on, in each era Lord Vishnu incarnates to save humanity from destruction. Odisha with its rich history is traditionally a dance-drama genre of performance art, using symbolic costumes with body movement, abhinaya (expressions), mudras (gestures and sign language) and footwork, with geometric symmetry and rhythmic musical resonance. An Odissi performance repertoire includes invocation, nritta (pure dance), nritya (expressive dance), natya (dance drama) and moksha (dance climax connoting freedom of the soul and spiritual release).


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Das Avatar Odissi Dance Perfomance Occured in past

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This event occured in past