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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Origin of Fasli Era (India).
3/28/1645 Har Govind Singh, Sikh Guru, died.
3/28/1914 Komagata Maru sailed from Hong Kong to Vancouver with 351 Sikhs and 21 Punjabi Muslim youths under the captaincy of Sardar Gurjeet Singh as a part of 'Ghadar' Movement.
3/28/1916 Ramkrishna Pillai, journalist and social reformer, passed away.
3/28/1917 Umesh Chandra Panigrahi, great author and journalist, was born at Raruan, Orissa.
3/28/1926 Pahelam Ratanji ""Polly"" Umrigar, cricketer (Indian batsman & captain), was born in Sholapur, Maharashtra.
3/28/1941 Netaji Subhashchandra Bose reached Berlin after his secret underground journey from Calcutta.
3/28/1943 S. Satyamurti, social reformer, politician and member of legislative council at Madras, died. He was born in Tirumayyam village in August 19, 1887.
3/28/1947 Abdul Bari, labour leader, passed away.
3/28/1954 The flight undertook its first VVIP commitment, when it carried the first Prime Minister of India, the Late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, from Palam to Tilpat range and back to witness the 'Fire Power Demo'. It carried wide spectrum of VVIPs, including the President, the Prime Minister, renowned statesmen, Generals, Luminaries and visiting foreign dignitaries.
3/28/1956 Tirumalai Ananthanpillai Sekhar, great Indian cricket pace-bowler (2 Tests 1982-83 little impact), was born in Madras.
3/28/1963 First meeting of the National Aeronautical Laboratory Executive Council held under the chairmanship of J R D Tata.
3/28/1978 Nafisa Joseph, Miss India Universe (1997), was born.
3/28/1984 Bhausaheb Ranade, famous freedom fighter, passed away.
3/28/1986 Extremist Sikhs kill 13 Hindus in Ludhiana, India.
3/28/1990 Bengal beat Delhi in rained-out cricket Ranji Trophy final on quotient.
3/28/1991 Chautala asked by Governor to prove his majority on the floor of the house.
3/28/1991 IAF men die in an air crash in Bangalore.
3/28/1994 G-15 summit opens with only six heads of Government in New Delhi.
3/28/1994 Leaders attack trade protectionism.
3/28/1995 Haridev Joshi, former Chief Minister of Rajasthan and former Governor of Assam Meghalay, passed away.
3/28/1996 JKLF declared unlawful by central govt.
3/28/1997 Final phase of repatriation of Chakma and other tribal refugees of the Chittagong Hill Tracts from Tripura begins.
3/28/1997 India and Pakistan, represented by Salman Haider and Shamshad Ahmed, Foreign Secretaries, hold official talks on issues at New Delhi.
3/28/1998 The BJP-led alliance survived its first test of trust with the support of Chandrababu Naidu's Telgu Desam Party. Jayalalitha continues to call the shots.
3/28/1999 Pakistan decides to ease visa restrictions for the aged, women and children from India in response to New Delhi's move towards visa relaxation for several categories of Pakistani nationals.
3/28/2000 Delhi police arrest Shoaib Ilyasi, producer of the crime serial ''India's Most Wanted'' for the death of his wife Anju on January 10.


Other Historical Dates and Events
8/27/1987B. Shankaranand appointed Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee to enquire into the Bofors gun deal.
11/6/1931Chithira Tirunal Bala Ramavarma, ascended throne and ruled state of Travancore as Maharaja, passed away.
10/19/1920Prakashchandra Sethi, former central minister, was born.
6/29/1976Sandhya Chib, Miss India-Universe (1996), was born.
1/29/1853Madhusudan Rao, modern writer in Oria language, was born.
10/15/1686Aurangzeb attacked and conqured Bijapur and this was the end of the Muslim Adilshahi's era.
1/4/1937R. Surendranath, cricketer (Indian pace bowler in 11 Tests early 60s), was born in Meerut.
3/25/1963Yagyawalk Bharadwaj, famous botany scientist, passed away.
4/17/1946Bellary Raghava, famous actor, social worker, lawyer and dramatist, passed away.
2/23/1932The N. W. Frontier province is created.