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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
06/06/1596 Sikh Guru Har Govindji, the sixth sikh guru, was born. He fashioned a military role for the Sikhs.
06/06/1867 Baba Kharak Singh, freedom fighter, was born at Sialkot.
06/06/1890 Gopinath Bardoloi, architect of modern Assam, freedom fighter and leader, was born.
06/06/1891 Vanktesh Iyengar Masti, famous Kannad poet, story writer, novelist, playwright and critic, was born.
06/06/1903 A full length theatre plays like 'Bankimchandrer Sitararn', 'Alibaba' , 'Bhramar', 'Hariraj' , 'Sarla' and 'Buddhadeb' were released at Classic Theatre. These plays were picturised by Hiralal Sen with support of great dramatist Amar Nath Dutt. The main roles were performed by Amar Dutt, N.C. Basu and Kusum Kumari and rest of the characters belonged to the Classic Theatre of Calcutta. They received a great applause from the audience.
06/06/1903 Hiralal Sen shot the first Indian Advertisment sequences for Jabakusum (hair tonic) and Edward's Tonic.
06/06/1907 John Morley, U.K. Government State Secretary, declares ""it will not withdraw from India under any circumstances"".
06/06/1909 Morappakam Joysam Gopalan, cricketer (1 Test India v England 1933-34), was born in Maduranthakam, Madras.
06/06/1916 Lord Kitchener, the premier soldier of the British Empire, passed away tragically last night as the ''Hampshire'', the cruiser on which he was traveling to Russia to boost sagging morale, struck a mine or was torpedoed off the Orkney Islands and sank, drowning all aboard. Life in London came to a standstill, while Paris and Washington were shocked by the news. In the last half-century, through tireless energy and devotion to imperial duty, Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 66, commanded in Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, and India. Two years ago, he had become the War Secretary.
06/06/1922 Gopalan Morappakam Joysam, cricketer, was born at Maduranthakan, in Tamil Nadu. He received the Padmashree in 1964.
06/06/1924 S. R. Bommai, former President of Janata Dal, was born.
06/06/1935 Harry Crews, great US writer and actor (Indian Runner), was born.
06/06/1947 Gandhiji writes to Mountbatten, with Pakistan conceded, to persuade Jinnah to amicable settle all outstanding points with Congress.
06/06/1961 Central Institute of Fisheries Education, a deemed university, was established in Mumbai to impart post-graduate education and training, mainly to the in-service fisheries personnel of the country to provide trained manpower for the fisheries developmental activities.
06/06/1962 General Election ( 3rd) of India ends.
06/06/1969 Sunil Bandacharya Joshi, cricketer (Indian Test left-arm spinner 1996), was born in Gadag.
06/06/1981 The worst-ever railway accident took place in Bihar when a train plunged in Samastipur river.
06/06/1982 Devraj Ars, former Chief Minister of Karnataka, passed away.
06/06/1986 Militant Sikhs in Amritsar call for the murder of Surjit Singh Barnala, Chief Minister of Punjab and J.F. Ribeiro, the Chief of Police.
06/06/1990 GOI decides to extend validity of passports to 10 years.
06/06/1992 Ordinance issued to attach the properties of persons involved in the security scam.
06/06/1994 The 20-day old Limboo Ministry in Sikkim wins vote of confidence.
06/06/1996 14 Janata Dal legislators revolt in Karnataka against the composition of the J H Patel ministry.
06/06/1996 Benazir Bhutto,Pakistan PM, gives green signal for opening up trade with India.
06/06/1997 New economic grouping BIST-EC (Bangladesh-India-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Cooperation forum) comes into being.
06/06/1997 Five killed and 17 injured in a bus explosion in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.
06/06/1997 U.S. Congress honours Mother Teresa with a gold medal.
06/06/1998 All IAF Meteorological Sections were put on high alert from 06 Jun 98, and constant interaction with India Meteorological Department (IMD) at Mumbai and the (IMD) Centre at Ahmedabad resulted in 24 hours tracking and plotting of the cyclone, which was passed down as forecasts to Service and civil authorities in the Saurashtra and Kutch region.
06/06/1999 Paes-Bhupathi bagged their maiden Grand Slam doubles crown, defeating Goran Ivanisevic and Jeff Tarango in the final.
06/06/2000 Abhijit Kunte wins the National `A' chess championship at Mumbai.


Other Historical Dates and Events
11/13/1970Flooding ravages Ganges delta. 200,000 million killed.
01/01/1909Dattaram Dharmaji Hindlekar, cricketer (Indian batsman & wicket-keeper 1936-46), was born in Bombay.
11/21/1947First Stamp of Independent India was released
05/18/1972Kokan Krishi (Agriculture) University was established.
10/02/1998Santanu Deb Barma of Tripura was chosen for Kabir Puraskar for her role in preventing violence and riots in some areas of the state in 1997.
05/20/1996Janaki Ramachandran, chief minister of Tamil Nadu (1988), passed away.
12/12/1908Gaandhiji released from Volksrust Gaol. Indian National Congress adopts resolution on South Africa, criticizing the harsh, humiliating and cruel treatment to British Indians in South Africa as injurious to English Empire.
07/01/1781British troops defeated Hyder Ali's progress. He was checked by Eyree Coote after the battle of Porto Novo and becamed subdued.
11/18/1964Dharam Vira was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 27-06-1966
03/18/1919Rowlatt Act, intended to perpetuate the extraordinary powers enjoyed by the Government under Lord Chelmsford during the war, provokes countrywide protests. This Rowlatt Act was forced instead of 1915 Indian Security Act which reduced freedom of Indian people.